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X-LAM and timber frame walls: at work with Techno Progress!

Among our 5-axis woodworking centres, there is one, covered by international patents, entirely dedicated to beams and walls: we are talking about Techno Progress, a true right hand for all carpentry production companies

Let’s see together for which wooden elements this NC working centre is ideal.

X-LAM walls: wood with large formats.

X-LAM panels are known in the market for their large dimensions and are used for walls, roofs and ceilings. The wood is solid cross-laminated timber, which is made of several layers of boards stacked and glued together. The grain of each layer is rotated 90° in the plan in relation to the interlocking layers

Solid and safe, they are used in the construction of earthquake-resistant structures: they withstand the shock waves of earthquakes and are therefore widely used in areas at seismic risk.

And there is more: the use of X-LAM panels reduces construction time and provides excellent value for money.

Essetre working centre Techno Progress is also designed to process X-LAM walls.

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Timber frame walls: a floor-by-floor construction.

With Techno Progress, you can simultaneously process carpentry beams and walls, including frame walls.

This type is used in houses built with a framework of wooden beams and uprights, the walls of which are built floor by floor with a floor slab.

Each wall consists of uprights of different thicknesses based on the design, where the loads and number of floors are defined. The wooden frame is subsequently covered with panels: the result is a plate that resists horizontal actions such as wind or an earthquake. In addition to frame walls, X-LAM walls and carpentry beams, our woodworking centre is also ideal for large curved beams.

If you want to learn more about the machine and the specific woodworking processes,

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