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Woodworking machines: why NC machines?

Using NC working centres to process wood has now become standard practice: automation has entered the carpentry industry to support production with computers that, installed in the machine, perform the necessary operations and checks on the processing.

Thanks to this technology, NC wood cutting machines are more precise and faster, ensure optimisation of time and resources employed, simplify the work of the professionals.

Now, we enter inside our company to discover our working centres!

Woodworking machines: the control makes the difference.

Remember: the integrated numerical control system does not replace the operator, who always remains fundamental.

Actually, we would like to take this opportunity here to thank our professionals, whose dedication, skills and experience are essential to the company every day; moreover, we would like to emphasise the importance of the experts who work in our customers’ workshops and carpentries: even the most advanced technology could not replace them!

The numerical control allows different operations such as lathing, cutting, drilling, milling, smoothing and others to be performed through the work of tools programmed by the machine operator.

This means that actions, times and modes of the working centres are computer-driven: controlled from the keyboard and through the monitor.

Not just a carpentry machine: there is much more in our working centres!

In our offices, our technicians draw up designs using specific software, so as to develop the programmes to be implemented then in the NC working centres. 

With the necessary computer data, the operator proceeds with the cutting of the wood and other processes, follows the progress of the work, and no longer has to intervene manually (with certain exceptions well known to professionals).

As a result, productivity levels increase, time and risks of malfunctioning are reduced, the final product is more accurate and waste is minimised.

 Discover our NC working centres: Click here!

The future is in our hands.

Here in Essetre, we invest significantly in research and development of new technologies to improve our machines dedicated to wood cutting: we do this for our customers, that with more versatile, fast and precise working centres they can speed up the production process.

Our woodworking machines are designed to meet increasingly complex market requirements and professionals with a focus on innovation, working methods and sustainability.

Every day we work hard to improve, especially for you!

We are at your disposal to give you more information about our woodworking machines: discover our NC working centres.

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