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Essetre opens the doors of the virtual showroom!

It is an interactive world we created online to turn a visit to the company into an interactive experience in the three-dimensional world of Essetre. We designed this virtual showroom to show you our working centres from the comfort of your PC or smartphone wherever you are.

What are the advantages of an interactive showroom?

Through advanced technological, informatics and creative means, we have developed a system that allows us to reach our customers where they prefer and, above all, to shorten the distances to users, suppliers and other partners who are located far away from our company and want to know right away about Essetre’s new products and innovations.

Entering this 3D world means taking a real journey through our woodworking solutions and enjoying the different applications, in an environment where lights and shadows, high-definition details and data that users can pop up and read, make everything realistic.

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What you can do in this virtual and interactive world?

Our sales manager or reference dealer will guide you on your journey through the Essetre working centres in the showroom. You will be able to observe in detail the technical specifications and features of the machines. You will enter an environment lined with impressive wooden structures that show what Techno Fast, Techno Progress, Techno PF 2T, Techno Saw, Techno Multiwall and other NC working centres can realize.

 Do you want to discover all Essetre working centres? Click here!

A virtual showroom to visit wherever and whenever you want.

The information we provide through this immersive experience is an important additional benefit for customers, whom we support in choosing the best product for their business, in order to encourage an even more informed purchase.

Users can, in fact, clarify certain doubts or build special requests right away, even before visiting the company to see the machine on site.

The information, textual and visual, provided by the showroom is detailed and the experience is individual and uninterrupted.

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