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Wood, construction, efficiency and NC working centres: the future is green!

The promotion of quality wood opens the door to a truly sustainable future.

The cities of tomorrow require a radical transformation, a harmonious balance between economic progress and environmental protection. In this perspective, energy efficiency and green building emerge as fundamental pillars to improve our living and working environment.

Wood construction, people talk about it more and more!

Efficiency and sustainability are two issues that are also at the centre of the European debate: “green houses” become the protagonists of a prerogative, the basis of a future that promotes the renovation of buildings with a high ecological impact and the construction of new structures that help to protect the environment and our lives.

The key to a sustainable future: quality wood.

Sustainable building has been an issue for years on an international level, also thanks to the New European Bauhaus, promoted by European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen and supporting the cause. This project has a clear objective: to discover new ways of living in the cities of the future, promoting natural materials such as wood.

Increasing the use of quality wood in construction is fundamental, since only a small percentage of the materials used in European buildings is currently wood.

It is necessary to prepare the workforce for this transition to sustainable materials and encouraging the development of new skills is essential, with construction professionals capable of processing this raw material.

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Sustainable forest management: protecting the raw material for the future.

Although the request for wood is growing, it is essential to ensure sustainable forest management in order to preserve this natural material for future generations.

The work is long and the commitment significant, but in recent years progress has been truly remarkable, thanks in part to many companies that have invested in the enterprise.

Offsite construction: towards higher efficiency and quality.

Offsite construction, in other words the prefabrication of components in-house for subsequent assembly on site, is an ideal solution that optimises resources and meets ESG standards. This reduces construction time and provides cost certainty: this practice ensures better quality and performance.

Essetre: your partner in sustainable building.

Essetre working centres are at the core of this revolution, as they offer high performance and quality, production efficiency and results beyond expectations, in a sector that is growing and demands punctuality, reliability and innovation for the aforementioned reasons.

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