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Many machines process wood, our machines go beyond…

They shape it.

Design turning into reality. With no faults or changes.

Just as planned. No compromise.

We customize the NC woodworking centres we produce to give you exactly what you need.

Upon your request, we can install on them special groups and custom-made applications.

Nothing is left to chance.

In Essetre we entrust the designing of these woodworking machines to our technicians who have been focusing for years to the study and production of industrial plants and special machines.

We are structured and organized to take care of each step, from technical drawing to installation, in accordance with the current norms and with the guide lines defined by the benefits plan of Industry 4.0.

There is a reason

if they are unique.

Over the years we patented our woodworking machine, so that we can guarantee you their uniqueness and authenticity of ideas and studies developed by project managers and engineers with the supervision of Essetre owners, who are in charge of taking care of each production detail.

Our machines are branded solutions

Each reality has its own working centre.

The machines studied and produced in Essetre process the wood in order to make difference products and to satisfy the requirements of different working fields:

from furniture to panel, from kitchens to top plans, from carpentry to timber engineering, from great constructions as roofs, walls and wooden houses, to beams and other elements.

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