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KAYROS 14000 working centre is now part of Essetre for more autonomous production

The Zayer KAYROS 14000 with moving column is not just a machining centre, but represents the latest frontier in milling. With dimensions of 14000 x 2000 x 3000 millimetres and an independent rotary table, this NC model is also characterised by its innovative automatic head with 360.000 positions and tool change with 40 positions.

Its introduction promises not only to expand our machine tool fleet, but also to boost production capacity through significantly faster processes, with technology that can be described as similar in some ways to Essetre’s.

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Why did we choose the KAYROS 14000 working centre from Zayer?

We invested in the new Zayer machining centre because of its superior technical features in the field of milling, guaranteed by an internationally renowned brand. Increasing the company’s technology is not our only goal: Zayer’s KAYROS 14000, in addition to the other machines, guarantees the quality and efficiency for which we are known, both in Italy and in the international market.

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The advantages of production autonomy.

KAYROS 14000 milling machine complements our in-house department with the processing of basements. The company’s goal is clear: to achieve complete production autonomy. This transition aims to perform the majority of operations ‘in house’, reducing the dependency on external suppliers and further accelerating our production processes.

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