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Furniture industry: its growth is reflected in woodworking!

The furniture industry’s revenue is increasing: a positive percentage, 11%, emerged from the report by the research and studies department of the italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo’s at the opening of the “Salone del Mobile” in Milan.

With 16,000 companies and around 125,000 employees, the furniture industry in Italy is increasing its revenue, bringing our country to the fourth place for growth in the sector after Sweden, Spain and Poland.

“Made in Italy” woodworking in the World.

Do you know another good news? The sector’s exports are up 13.4%, thanks to the sales in the US, France, UK, Germany, UAE and Canada. In short, we are on the right track!

At Essetre, we are of course happy to share this news, which sees us supplying many companies operating in the furniture manufacturing industry in Italy and around the world, with our numerically controlled working centres.

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What is the Italian situation?

The Italian wood-furniture districts are also doing very well. Their exports have reached the incredible amount of 10 billion euro in 2022, with a significant growth in the areas of Brianza, Treviso and Pordenone. Despite the higher costs of energy, raw materials and transport due to the different events of the last few years, margins are expected to hold up well for southern and larger companies. This is indeed a very good result!

The goal is to invest and to aim high.

Looking at the future: according to Intesa Sanpaolo’s analysis, companies in the sector will have to accelerate on strategic investments. This includes the inclination to optimise energy supply contracts, promote environmental sustainability, focus on digitisation, engage in research and development of new solutions, and invest in the latest machinery and technology. It is the time to act and take advantage of these opportunities to grow and innovate!

In the world of wood and furniture this is the perfect time to take advantage of the enthusiasm shown by the market and invest in upgrading your company’s technology. We are here to support you!

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We would like to help you realise your ideas, realise your projects and be part of this amazing growth in the furniture and wood industry.

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The future is in your hands, and we are here to expand your horizons with you!