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Techno Multiwall by Essetre, a revolution in woodworking

In your company’s strategic plan you certainly have established how to optimise your production, increase work efficiency and improve the quality of your woodworking. At Essetre, we want to support your plans and to do this, we offer you the results of our production: numerically controlled working centres based on experience and innovation, such as the Techno Multiwall.

One machine, many opportunities.

Techno Multiwall is a flexible and powerful working centre, designed to meet your different woodworking needs. It is equipped with a special working unit that allows you to perform a wide range of operations with precision and speed: cutting, drilling, milling, and much more. Whether you are a joiner or a large company producing in series, Techno Multiwall is the best solution for you.

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Great experience, leading technology.

Techno Multiwall is not only a machine, it is all about advanced technology. With its intuitive and user-friendly software, it allows processing operations to be programmed in just a few steps and the workpiece and the processing operations can be visualised in 3D. This machine has a five-axis milling unit with HSK80F cone and an automatic tool magazine with nine positions, a mobile portal frame integrated with the structure, with the function of a worktable, and a motorised conveyor belt to convey chips. It is suitable for operations on curved beams, X-LAM/CLT walls, SIPS walls and frame walls.

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Save time and resources in the company: innovation in the wood industry.

With Techno Multiwall, time will no longer be an issue. Thanks to its working speed and the possibility of performing multiple operations without having to re-arrange parts, you will optimise your production time and reduce costs. In addition, thanks to the millimetric precision of this working centre, you will also minimise material waste, for a saving that also benefits the environment.

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Choose quality with Essetre!

In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to have the most advanced tools to optimise production without sacrificing quality. With our Techno Multiwall you can boost your business, improve the quality of your products and save time.

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