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E-live is…

User-friendly, reliable, fast

Designed by woodworking specialists for decades to simplify and increase productivity

E live is the new and innovative Essetre software for the processing of beams, XLAM panels and mass timber which will make your job easier by increasing productivity. It was planned easy to use, steady and fast.

We tested and improved it during thousand hours in our facility before offering it on the market.

With your new Essetre NC working centre, you will also get the brand new E live software

, with all the advantages that it brings to your production

As you have always wanted

The software is the mind which runs Essetre machines

E live is an innovative software since it was developed to be used by people who should deal with production and not losing time in programming and difficult steps.

Use your blinker and “overtake the queue”.

With E Live, Service is always by your side!

“Ensuring you the faster possible service is our priority. E live allows us to reach this goal and to help you at best and in a much shorter time. “

Choose E Live

We listened carefully to our customers' needs, understanding the need to make complex processing operations simple.
This is how E-live was born.

An innovative and modular software, planned to grow together with our customers, designed to meet the new challenges the market puts in front of us everyday.

Opinions of people who tested it on-the-job

You can ask for a meeting with one of our technicians specialized in E live.

He will answer all your questions and solve any doubt.

The machine carries out the processing in a very fast way and the new software is the icing on the cake.
It is really practical, easy to use and I think the graphic to display different processing is excellent.
Working like this is much easier.
Diego Milanesi
Rossini Legnostrutture
The things that impressed me the most are the precision and the simulation quality of the configured work. It is a key aspect for us: the machine carries out exactly what you see in preview thanks to the software and the processed parts have an excellent quality.
Dario Montagnoli
Montagnoli Giovanni Srl
There are several advantages of the new software: cuts have no problems, the machine works smoothly and above all the operator has much more control of each processing phase, thanks to the anticollision system which works perfectly.
Daniel Paterno
Paterno Daniel Srl

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