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Timber construction: a mix of sustainability and excellent performance

In the long history of construction, timber has been an undisputed protagonist, a strong and resistant material that has been able to support different types of structures.

However, with the development of reinforced concrete, its use has declined significantly. Today, in an increasingly ecological world, construction timber is experiencing a renaissance. This exceptional natural, renewable and sustainable material has returned to the centre of attention in the world of construction thanks to its versatility and other properties that we will look at below.

A sustainable choice.

Construction wood is an endless resource, but it is important to treat and use it responsibly. It is also a material with more than just environmental sustainability: wood provides protection against noise pollution, excellent insulation properties and improved indoor air quality in buildings.

Lightweight, but strong.

Construction timber is four times lighter than concrete, thus ensuring the construction of buildings with a lower mass compared to similar structures made of other materials. Despite its lightness, wood has good static strength and this proves that it is not always necessary to sacrifice strength for sustainability.

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Its use reduces environmental impact.

Unlike concrete production, which contributes to CO2 emissions, wood absorbs carbon dioxide and retains it. One cubic metre of wood can remove one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere! In addition, the wood production process requires less energy than materials such as steel and concrete, because forests use the energy efficiency of the sun.

In addition to resistance, seismic safety.

Wood has remarkable mechanical properties, which allow it to absorb forces and stresses even in exceptional situations such as earthquakes.

Its natural elasticity makes it suitable for construction in seismic areas, because it dissipates the energy generated by earthquakes through well-designed mechanical connections.

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X-LAM/CLT system: innovation in construction.

X-LAM/CLT is the latest development in timber technology. This structural system offers considerable design flexibility, including use in multi-storey buildings. Thanks to its excellent insulation, thermal and acoustic properties, X-LAM/CLT contributes to energy and cost savings.

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X-LAM/CLT: monolithic and versatile.

X-LAM/CLT panel is made up of cross-bonded and glued layers of wood, and is a monolithic material that can withstand high loads, withstands even seismic stresses, provides high fire resistance and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. This flexible construction system is perfectly suitable for different building projects.

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Nowadays, when sustainability and ecology are driving building choices, wood, with all its exceptional qualities, is going to play a central role in the future of construction.

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