SIP panels and frame walls: solutions for timber houses  

What are SIP panels? A versatile and convenient construction option for housing needs. What about frame walls? Let’s find out together the information and advantages of these structural elements and how our working centres are involved in their manufacture. 

SIP: an affordable and solid choice. 

SIP panels, or structural insulated panels, are a widespread construction solution in North America and Russia. In Italy, however, this technology is still not well known (preference is given to X-Lam or frame systems), but its use is increasing.  

The distinctive feature of SIP panels is their sandwich composition, which uses expanded polystyrene and wood flake slabs. This combination allows construction costs to be cut by up to 30%, while offering considerable static and seismic resistance

Building efficiency is guaranteed thanks to the prefabrication of the panels, that are ready for assembly.

The frame: a strong, insulated structure. 

Frame walls are a construction method in which the bearing timber structure is integrated with stiffening and curtain wall elements.

They provide solidity and insulation.  

The structure, consisting of twin-laminated wooden beams and posts, is covered with insulation materials such as rock wool, wood fibre or cork. Coat insulation ensures comfort in all seasons and excellent energy performance. 

Techno Multiwall: a solution for woodworking in the construction industry. 

Our Techno Multiwall is a strong and flexible NC working centre designed to process curved beams, X-Lam/CLT walls, SIPS walls and frame walls up to 6000 millimetres in width, 480 millimetres in thickness and unlimited length.

 There are other working centres designed for this type of structure: click here!

Timber construction, the future. 

Italy is third in Europe for the production of timber houses and the market is growing strongly (reaching a value of almost EUR 1.8 billion in 2021).

Wood is experiencing a real renaissance in the building industry, and construction types such as frame and X-Lam (or Cross-Lam or CLT) were introduced on the Italian market, and are achieving excellent post-application results.

Therefore, natural and environmentally sustainable buildings represent the future and we at Essetre are proud to be part of it with our working centres, which contribute to their realisation. 

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Light and solid wood beams: what are the differences?

Among the working centres we design and manufacture at Essetre, Techno Saw is a machine specifically designed to cut and process trusses, framework house elements and also light and solid wood beams.

But what is the difference between these two types of wood?

We will explain it below: read more!

Processing wooden beams is also an art.

And for this reason, it requires machines that are not only precise, but also able to withstand large amounts of work. Yes, because timber construction is a sector that is growing both in Italy and worldwide. Wooden beams fall into two main categories: solid wood and glulam. Let’s discover them in detail.

Not only Techno Saw: discover the other working centres designed for people working in timber construction!

Solid wood: an all natural elegance.

Solid wood beams are a natural work of art. They are subjected to a drying process that preserves them from mould and bacteria, before being processed to make them weather- and insect-resistant.

Finally, the aesthetic is enhanced with customised paints and colours.

Solid wood is known for its beauty and strength. Each piece is unique, but has some dimensional limitations. It may show little cracks and imperfections due to its nature, but in most cases these features increase its aesthetic value.

Glulam: lightweight and stability.

Glulam beams are created by joining selected boards that are horizontally glued together. This process allows the creation of pieces with different sizes and shapes, without architectural limits. This material, artificially created from a natural base, is known for its stability and smooth structure. It is without the characteristic imperfections of solid wood, which may make it appear less aesthetically distinctive. However, its versatility is a great advantage.

Solid wood or glulam?

These types of wood are the main types used in the construction sector.

Knowing their advantages and disadvantages, as well as their aesthetics, is useful to make the right choice when projecting buildings for residential, industrial or commercial use.

The professionals in the sector, well-known to us at Essetre, play a decisive role in the processing of wooden beams. For this reason, we continue to invest in the development of better and better technologies to simplify their production and achieve more precise results in the shortest possible time.

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Essetre wins Best Managed Companies Award again this year

In 2023, at the sixth edition of the Best Managed Companies Award, an award for the outstanding companies representing Made in Italy, Deloitte Private awarded 79 companies and Essetre srl is among the winners for the fourth year.

The award is promoted by Deloitte Private, with the participation of ALTIS – Graduate School of Sustainable Management of University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ELITE-Euronext Group and Small Industry of Confindustria.

“Now in its sixth edition, the award is not only an acknowledgement for the outstanding Italian companies for what they have already done, but it is a real long-term growth programme in which the participating companies are supported by experts from Deloitte in a path that further stimulates their development and strengthening with respect to the Award’s fundamental parameters of success and which are crucial for the success of a company. A path that becomes virtuous and long-lasting, as witnessed by the fact that more than 80% of the companies have won more than one edition, while as many as 7 realities are in their sixth consecutive year of receiving the award”, comments Ernesto Lanzillo, Deloitte Partner and Leader of Deloitte Private in the Central Mediterranean area (Italy, Greece and Malta).

“In this sixth edition, 79 Italian companies were the winners of the BMC Award thanks to their excellent managerial skills in a complex international context,” says Andrea Restelli, Partner at Deloitte and Head of the Best Managed Companies programme in Italy. “Today, organisations and their leaders must be increasingly prepared to overcome the many challenges and continue to be competitive and attractive on the market, by focusing on the right resources, skills and investments and by paying attention to the talents in the company”, adds Restelli.

It is 30 October 2023 and we are at Palazzo Mezzanotte, the headquarters of the Borsa Italiana ELITE- Euronext Group. Here, our company also received this award, which highlights hard work, foresight and a corporate philosophy based on technological progress, the value given to the people in the team, product and service quality, sustainability and other best practices. Which ones? We will discover them together here.

What characterises the award-winning companies?

The Best Managed Companies must fulfil six key criteria:

  • strategy,
  • skills and innovation,
  • commitment and corporate culture,
  • governance and performance measurement,
  • corporate and social responsibility,
  • internationalisation and supply chain.

“The winning companies have expressed excellent managerial skills, demonstrating that they recognise great value in their people and corporate culture, which is able to reward virtuous behaviour,” says Restelli. “Having well-trained and motivated employees, as well as trained leadership capable of identifying and enhancing the talent available, contributes to the overall growth of the company itself”, emphasises Restelli.

“Combining virtuous performance on the pillars explored by the BMC with the ability to attract and retain people with the desired talent, contributes to the winning positioning of the awarded companies and their interest in wanting to build and strengthen an organisational culture, in line with corporate expectations and the desires of the new generations, on which they can base their competitive advantage and longevity”, concludes Lanzillo.

What is meant by corporate strategy?

In the business world, strategy is fundamental. Here is what Best Managed Companies (BMC) leaders emphasise as key to their success.

  • Invest in technology and innovation: 82% of the interviewees consider this to be critical: having the appropriate means to face the challenges of the market. Our NC working centres represent the ultimate in woodworking technology and innovation.
  • Involving company culture: 81% of BMC emphasise the importance of a company culture at all levels of the organisation, from work to company success. Here at Essetre we promote a team culture in every project.
  • Employee engagement and involvement: 74% believe that involving and engaging employees is fundamental. Every piece of the puzzle must be in place and everyone is an essential part of success.
  • Development of new products and services: innovation is not only about existing processes, but also about developing new products and services. This is looking ahead, being ahead, participating in the future.
  • Management: 65% of the BMC see management development as a major challenge. Strong leadership is essential, just like a good captain for a winning team. Our leadership at Essetre is always oriented towards excellence.
  • Human resources development: to face the future, 97% of BMC put human resources development first. This means providing employees with the opportunity to grow, improve and adapt to the change. Essetre is committed to providing training and growth opportunities for its employees.
  • Availability of talent with the right skills: 77% of BMC recognise the need to have talented professionals in the company with the right skills for their role.

Investing in skills and innovation.

To increase productivity, the main investment of Best Managed Companies is in  

  • technology (90%),
  • innovation (86%)
  • and organisational structure (81%).

With a strong emphasis on talent, 65% of leaders are expanding their workforce with new hires. 6 out of 10 are focusing their innovation efforts on talent management, following investment in R&D (88%), operations (71%) and marketing (62%).

In the near future, the focus will shift to data analytics and business intelligence (83%), CRM (66%) and process automation (65%). In addition, most BMC (84%) have established a formal process to promote new business ideas.

Corporate culture is the key to business success.

We know that 96% of business leaders believe in this value. For this reason, our company is committed to developing the skills of employees, evaluating performance with a structured approach and promoting activities to engage employees.

What happens inside the companies?

In the Best Managed Companies (BMC), governance is efficient and internal financial reporting is well constructed.

The sharing of decisions takes place mainly through formal meetings (86%). Regarding performance, the main challenges in the future include rising raw material costs (59%) and the management of talent (49%).

Although only 52% of BMC are inclined to risk, managing the risk is a priority with 97%, which requires a strong balance sheet and the establishment of stable relationships with stakeholders.

81% focus on effective financial management.

It is also a matter of responsibility.

In the business world, sustainability is fundamental: 98% of companies recognise its value. At Essetre, we too believe in this mission.

We also value inclusion and diversity, as do 70% of BMC.

Social responsibility is also fundamental for 56% of BMC.

51% of the winning companies are committed to making their social and environmental impacts clear. 49% draw up a sustainability report.

Opening up to the world: internationalisation and supply chains.

Most Best Managed Companies operate mainly in Italy and some extend their market into Europe. International expansion varies, but many try to localise operations, develop sales and search for new talent abroad.

Collaboration with foreign suppliers or strategic agreements is less common, but some companies prefer direct export or direct investment.

Supply chains, particularly in the agri-food, energy, industrial or technology industries, offer advantages such as a better reputation, increased competitiveness and accelerated technology transfer.

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Timber construction: a mix of sustainability and excellent performance

In the long history of construction, timber has been an undisputed protagonist, a strong and resistant material that has been able to support different types of structures.

However, with the development of reinforced concrete, its use has declined significantly. Today, in an increasingly ecological world, construction timber is experiencing a renaissance. This exceptional natural, renewable and sustainable material has returned to the centre of attention in the world of construction thanks to its versatility and other properties that we will look at below.

A sustainable choice.

Construction wood is an endless resource, but it is important to treat and use it responsibly. It is also a material with more than just environmental sustainability: wood provides protection against noise pollution, excellent insulation properties and improved indoor air quality in buildings.

Lightweight, but strong.

Construction timber is four times lighter than concrete, thus ensuring the construction of buildings with a lower mass compared to similar structures made of other materials. Despite its lightness, wood has good static strength and this proves that it is not always necessary to sacrifice strength for sustainability.

It is ideal to process beams: Click here to learn about Techno Fast in detail!

Its use reduces environmental impact.

Unlike concrete production, which contributes to CO2 emissions, wood absorbs carbon dioxide and retains it. One cubic metre of wood can remove one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere! In addition, the wood production process requires less energy than materials such as steel and concrete, because forests use the energy efficiency of the sun.

In addition to resistance, seismic safety.

Wood has remarkable mechanical properties, which allow it to absorb forces and stresses even in exceptional situations such as earthquakes.

Its natural elasticity makes it suitable for construction in seismic areas, because it dissipates the energy generated by earthquakes through well-designed mechanical connections.

Also designed for timber construction, you should definitely get to know these Essetre working centres. Click here!

X-LAM/CLT system: innovation in construction.

X-LAM/CLT is the latest development in timber technology. This structural system offers considerable design flexibility, including use in multi-storey buildings. Thanks to its excellent insulation, thermal and acoustic properties, X-LAM/CLT contributes to energy and cost savings.

 Do you know our Techno PF 1250 EVO working centre? It also processes beams and X-LAM/CLT walls!

X-LAM/CLT: monolithic and versatile.

X-LAM/CLT panel is made up of cross-bonded and glued layers of wood, and is a monolithic material that can withstand high loads, withstands even seismic stresses, provides high fire resistance and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. This flexible construction system is perfectly suitable for different building projects.

Also our Techno Progress working centre is also perfect for X-LAM walls: read more here!

Nowadays, when sustainability and ecology are driving building choices, wood, with all its exceptional qualities, is going to play a central role in the future of construction.

 We will be at your side in your business with our working centres: contact us for a free consultation and a quote!

Essetre flies to Japan at the Mokkiten 2023 international exhibition!

Mark these dates: 5-7 October 2023. These are the days when one of the most important international exhibitions for woodworking solutions and technologies will be held in Nagoya, Japan.

And we will be there, at stand A28, guests of our dealer Suzuko Co. Ltd.

Would you like to join us at the 46th Mokkiten? We look forward to seeing you!

Mokkiten 2023: the avant-garde in woodworking.

We are excited to announce our participation in the 46th edition of Mokkiten. From 5-7 October 2023, we will be present with our Techno Saw working centre in Nagoya for this event, which is a great opportunity to explore the latest innovations in the woodworking industry.

An extraordinary event we do not want to miss.

Mokkiten 2023 will be extraordinary in every aspect. With over 155 exhibiting companies and 1.063 stands, this edition is among the largest in the last 20 years.

The event will take place in the new Port Messe Nagoya, one of the largest facilities in Japan, with large spaces covering approximately 20.000 square metres. It is also directly connected to the Kinjofuto station on the Aonami Line, providing convenient access for all visitors.

We will bring our Techno Saw working centre to Japan: click here to learn about the machine in detail!

The topic: work that connects forests and people.

This year, Mokkiten addresses a critical topic: ‘The work that connects forests and people’.

Japan, we know, is full of forest resources, a precious gift of nature that must be protected. And what better occasion to address this topic! Sustainable woodworking is one of the key answers and links forests to people’s lives.

The use of wood in construction, including skyscrapers, is essential for a sustainable society. At Mokkiten, proposals to solve management problems and actions to reform companies with the aim of protecting our planet’s greenery will also be presented.

We look forward to meeting you at this exhibition and sharing our woodworking solutions with you!

 We are at your disposal for any questions or to schedule an appointment in advance.

See you in Nagoya!


All the latest in woodworking: with Essetre at international trade exhibitions in September!

Innovation and technology are fundamental concepts in woodworking and if you have a business in the sector, you will also share this statement. This is why we at Essetre want to keep up with the times, to bring new solutions to the market and always offer you the best.

You should know that September is another month full of opportunities and we do not want to miss them: we will be at two very important international trade exhibitions in the wood industry. The first is the Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC), which will be held at the Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis, Indiana, on 20 and 21 September 2023. The second is the IWBC, International Wood-Based Construction Conference, in Washington D.C. on 27 and 28 September 2023.

We look forward to seeing you there and in the meantime we will give you a few more details.

BCMC 2023 reveals the future of timber construction.

The Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC) is the key event for manufacturers of structural building components. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of timber construction and discover the latest trends that are transforming this industry.

During the two days of the exhibition you will have the opportunity to attend live machinery demonstrations and participate in training sessions with your colleagues.

In addition, you will be able to establish new business relationships and share experiences with professionals who, like you, are in the woodworking and construction industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Essetre stand, number 226: we will be there to bring you our solutions, the innovation of our working centres and the unique quality of Made in Italy.

Techno One is our ideal NC working centre for wooden houses, roofs and other structures: for more details, click here!

Framer Summit 2023: build your professional network!

On the same days as the BCMC 2023 exhibition, the fifth annual Framer Summit, hosted by the National Framers Council (NFC), will take place. This event brings together framers and their component manufacturer partners and will be a great opportunity to build relationships and share the latest industry news.

There will be valuable networking opportunities, training sessions and exhibition space to discover the most efficient and profitable solutions.

IWBC 2023: the offsite timber construction event

The International Wood-Based Construction Conference (IWBC) is a must-attend event for architects, engineers, builders, designers and other professionals working in the field of offsite timber construction.

Here you will have the opportunity to explore new trends, share ideas and discover the technologies that are moving this industry forward. Thanks to the collaboration with WoodWorks, you will have the opportunity to relate to a wide audience of professionals, promote your brand and acquire new contacts. Come and visit the Essetre stand number 1565: we will be there with all the information about our numerically controlled Essetre working centres, which are also designed for innovative and sustainable building projects.

If you would like more information on Essetre woodworking solutions or would like to schedule a meeting with our experts during the exhibitions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The future of timber construction in September is at the US exhibition!

And we will be there, at BCMC 2023 and IWBC 2023, to share with you our passion for wood and innovation!


KAYROS 14000 working centre is now part of Essetre for more autonomous production

The Zayer KAYROS 14000 with moving column is not just a machining centre, but represents the latest frontier in milling. With dimensions of 14000 x 2000 x 3000 millimetres and an independent rotary table, this NC model is also characterised by its innovative automatic head with 360.000 positions and tool change with 40 positions.

Its introduction promises not only to expand our machine tool fleet, but also to boost production capacity through significantly faster processes, with technology that can be described as similar in some ways to Essetre’s.

Are you interested in our NC woodworking centres? Click here!

Why did we choose the KAYROS 14000 working centre from Zayer?

We invested in the new Zayer machining centre because of its superior technical features in the field of milling, guaranteed by an internationally renowned brand. Increasing the company’s technology is not our only goal: Zayer’s KAYROS 14000, in addition to the other machines, guarantees the quality and efficiency for which we are known, both in Italy and in the international market.

Visit our company from the comfort of your PC, tablet or smartphone: get your access to the virtual showroom!

Showroom essetre srl

The advantages of production autonomy.

KAYROS 14000 milling machine complements our in-house department with the processing of basements. The company’s goal is clear: to achieve complete production autonomy. This transition aims to perform the majority of operations ‘in house’, reducing the dependency on external suppliers and further accelerating our production processes.

Would you like to learn more about our working processes and the solutions Essetre can offer to your business? Find out how we can help strengthen your production.

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Techno Multiwall by Essetre, a revolution in woodworking

In your company’s strategic plan you certainly have established how to optimise your production, increase work efficiency and improve the quality of your woodworking. At Essetre, we want to support your plans and to do this, we offer you the results of our production: numerically controlled working centres based on experience and innovation, such as the Techno Multiwall.

One machine, many opportunities.

Techno Multiwall is a flexible and powerful working centre, designed to meet your different woodworking needs. It is equipped with a special working unit that allows you to perform a wide range of operations with precision and speed: cutting, drilling, milling, and much more. Whether you are a joiner or a large company producing in series, Techno Multiwall is the best solution for you.

Why a NC working centre? Click here!

Great experience, leading technology.

Techno Multiwall is not only a machine, it is all about advanced technology. With its intuitive and user-friendly software, it allows processing operations to be programmed in just a few steps and the workpiece and the processing operations can be visualised in 3D. This machine has a five-axis milling unit with HSK80F cone and an automatic tool magazine with nine positions, a mobile portal frame integrated with the structure, with the function of a worktable, and a motorised conveyor belt to convey chips. It is suitable for operations on curved beams, X-LAM/CLT walls, SIPS walls and frame walls.

What features should a carpentry working centre have? Find out here!

Save time and resources in the company: innovation in the wood industry.

With Techno Multiwall, time will no longer be an issue. Thanks to its working speed and the possibility of performing multiple operations without having to re-arrange parts, you will optimise your production time and reduce costs. In addition, thanks to the millimetric precision of this working centre, you will also minimise material waste, for a saving that also benefits the environment.

Have you already visited our Virtual Showroom? Not yet? Ask us about access!

Choose quality with Essetre!

In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to have the most advanced tools to optimise production without sacrificing quality. With our Techno Multiwall you can boost your business, improve the quality of your products and save time.

Would you like to discover the full potential of Techno Multiwall and receive a personal advice?

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The processing of laminated beams with an Essetre working centre

To obtain high quality glulam beams, the essential part is the processing, handcrafted and complex, which must guarantee product strength and durability.

Raw material and selection of wood species.

Generally, the best raw material to produce glulam beams is softwood, which can be larch, spruce, pine, douglas fir and fir. Conifers are chosen for their characteristics of homogeneity and uniformity, which can be seen in the finished product.

Why is spruce used more?

The choice of wood species depends on the use of the glulam, as well as its availability and cost. In Europe, the most commonly used for glulam is spruce, both white and red (more valuable due to the greater regularity with which the trunk grows), as it is very widespread and the lamellas made from it are well workable.

What about laminated beams used outdoors?

For pergolas, for example, structures placed outdoors, a wood with high mechanical strength and durability is required. This is why larch is chosen, that requires specific thicknesses and cross-sectional dimensions.

Why do we at Essetre talk about laminated beams?

The reason is in our work: Essetre working centres with NC and five interpolating axis are the solution you need for your joinery or carpentry business.

Among our NC machines, the Techno One could be the one that you are looking for for your glulam and solid wood beam processing. With this working centre, you will produce many different structures such as wooden houses, roofs, pergolas, gazebos and playgrounds.

The advanced technology of Techno One guarantees versatile and always precise processing, also thanks to the software in the control panel, which displays the workpieces and their processes in 3D.

macchina cnc techno one

Would you like to discover more about our other working centres? Click here!

NC machines: advantages and disadvantages.

Here some more information.

  • NC machines can work in a continuous cycle to ensure high production volumes with reduced errors and shorter lead times.
  • The high initial investment (higher than with conventional machines) may seem a disadvantage, but over time you will amortise the cost!
  • Computerised numerical control that guides production ensures precision and versatility.

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Trust our experience and discover how to transform wood into authentic works of art. We are ready to support you every step of the way, and we ensure excellent results.

Furniture industry: its growth is reflected in woodworking!

The furniture industry’s revenue is increasing: a positive percentage, 11%, emerged from the report by the research and studies department of the italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo’s at the opening of the “Salone del Mobile” in Milan.

With 16,000 companies and around 125,000 employees, the furniture industry in Italy is increasing its revenue, bringing our country to the fourth place for growth in the sector after Sweden, Spain and Poland.

“Made in Italy” woodworking in the World.

Do you know another good news? The sector’s exports are up 13.4%, thanks to the sales in the US, France, UK, Germany, UAE and Canada. In short, we are on the right track!

At Essetre, we are of course happy to share this news, which sees us supplying many companies operating in the furniture manufacturing industry in Italy and around the world, with our numerically controlled working centres.

Would you like to learn more about our NC woodworking machines? Click here!

What is the Italian situation?

The Italian wood-furniture districts are also doing very well. Their exports have reached the incredible amount of 10 billion euro in 2022, with a significant growth in the areas of Brianza, Treviso and Pordenone. Despite the higher costs of energy, raw materials and transport due to the different events of the last few years, margins are expected to hold up well for southern and larger companies. This is indeed a very good result!

The goal is to invest and to aim high.

Looking at the future: according to Intesa Sanpaolo’s analysis, companies in the sector will have to accelerate on strategic investments. This includes the inclination to optimise energy supply contracts, promote environmental sustainability, focus on digitisation, engage in research and development of new solutions, and invest in the latest machinery and technology. It is the time to act and take advantage of these opportunities to grow and innovate!

In the world of wood and furniture this is the perfect time to take advantage of the enthusiasm shown by the market and invest in upgrading your company’s technology. We are here to support you!

If you are interested in a free advice or more information on our innovative woodworking solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like to help you realise your ideas, realise your projects and be part of this amazing growth in the furniture and wood industry.

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The future is in your hands, and we are here to expand your horizons with you!