Essetre flies to Japan at the Mokkiten 2023 international exhibition!

Mark these dates: 5-7 October 2023. These are the days when one of the most important international exhibitions for woodworking solutions and technologies will be held in Nagoya, Japan.

And we will be there, at stand A28, guests of our dealer Suzuko Co. Ltd.

Would you like to join us at the 46th Mokkiten? We look forward to seeing you!

Mokkiten 2023: the avant-garde in woodworking.

We are excited to announce our participation in the 46th edition of Mokkiten. From 5-7 October 2023, we will be present with our Techno Saw working centre in Nagoya for this event, which is a great opportunity to explore the latest innovations in the woodworking industry.

An extraordinary event we do not want to miss.

Mokkiten 2023 will be extraordinary in every aspect. With over 155 exhibiting companies and 1.063 stands, this edition is among the largest in the last 20 years.

The event will take place in the new Port Messe Nagoya, one of the largest facilities in Japan, with large spaces covering approximately 20.000 square metres. It is also directly connected to the Kinjofuto station on the Aonami Line, providing convenient access for all visitors.

We will bring our Techno Saw working centre to Japan: click here to learn about the machine in detail!

The topic: work that connects forests and people.

This year, Mokkiten addresses a critical topic: ‘The work that connects forests and people’.

Japan, we know, is full of forest resources, a precious gift of nature that must be protected. And what better occasion to address this topic! Sustainable woodworking is one of the key answers and links forests to people’s lives.

The use of wood in construction, including skyscrapers, is essential for a sustainable society. At Mokkiten, proposals to solve management problems and actions to reform companies with the aim of protecting our planet’s greenery will also be presented.

We look forward to meeting you at this exhibition and sharing our woodworking solutions with you!

 We are at your disposal for any questions or to schedule an appointment in advance.

See you in Nagoya!


All the latest in woodworking: with Essetre at international trade exhibitions in September!

Innovation and technology are fundamental concepts in woodworking and if you have a business in the sector, you will also share this statement. This is why we at Essetre want to keep up with the times, to bring new solutions to the market and always offer you the best.

You should know that September is another month full of opportunities and we do not want to miss them: we will be at two very important international trade exhibitions in the wood industry. The first is the Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC), which will be held at the Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis, Indiana, on 20 and 21 September 2023. The second is the IWBC, International Wood-Based Construction Conference, in Washington D.C. on 27 and 28 September 2023.

We look forward to seeing you there and in the meantime we will give you a few more details.

BCMC 2023 reveals the future of timber construction.

The Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC) is the key event for manufacturers of structural building components. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of timber construction and discover the latest trends that are transforming this industry.

During the two days of the exhibition you will have the opportunity to attend live machinery demonstrations and participate in training sessions with your colleagues.

In addition, you will be able to establish new business relationships and share experiences with professionals who, like you, are in the woodworking and construction industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Essetre stand, number 226: we will be there to bring you our solutions, the innovation of our working centres and the unique quality of Made in Italy.

Techno One is our ideal NC working centre for wooden houses, roofs and other structures: for more details, click here!

Framer Summit 2023: build your professional network!

On the same days as the BCMC 2023 exhibition, the fifth annual Framer Summit, hosted by the National Framers Council (NFC), will take place. This event brings together framers and their component manufacturer partners and will be a great opportunity to build relationships and share the latest industry news.

There will be valuable networking opportunities, training sessions and exhibition space to discover the most efficient and profitable solutions.

IWBC 2023: the offsite timber construction event

The International Wood-Based Construction Conference (IWBC) is a must-attend event for architects, engineers, builders, designers and other professionals working in the field of offsite timber construction.

Here you will have the opportunity to explore new trends, share ideas and discover the technologies that are moving this industry forward. Thanks to the collaboration with WoodWorks, you will have the opportunity to relate to a wide audience of professionals, promote your brand and acquire new contacts. Come and visit the Essetre stand number 1565: we will be there with all the information about our numerically controlled Essetre working centres, which are also designed for innovative and sustainable building projects.

If you would like more information on Essetre woodworking solutions or would like to schedule a meeting with our experts during the exhibitions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The future of timber construction in September is at the US exhibition!

And we will be there, at BCMC 2023 and IWBC 2023, to share with you our passion for wood and innovation!


LIGNA 2023: total black at the wood fair

Yes, that’s right: for one of the most important international woodworking exhibitions, we decided to show a preview of our Techno Fast working centre in the exceptional black edition.   Here we see together what to expect in Hannover from 15 to 19 May 2023 and learn more about our Techno Fast!

LIGNA and the future of wood.

For years, Essetre has been participating in the world trade exhibition dedicated to woodworking technology. With more than 1,500 exhibitors from all over the world and a lot of new technologies for the industry, LIGNA showcases the future of the woodworking industry.

We look forward to seeing you from 15 to 19 May 2023

at stand E28, hall 13!

What will you find at the Hannover Messe?

At LIGNA, the following will be presented

  • surface technology,
  • machine components and new automation technology,
  • the subject of energy from wood,
  • forestry technology,
  • tools, machines and systems for production,
  • production techniques of wood-based materials,
  • sawmill technology.

For details of the exhibition, you can find the official link here!

Designed to stand out: Techno Fast black edition.

What changes? Its design, which, with the colour black, will emphasise the elegant style of the machine in all its forms. And the colourful details from Essetre yellow. In its parts and functions Techno Fast will maintain its main features: the fastest, most versatile and compact 5-axis working centre on the international market.

Watch Techno Fast in operation: click here!

Techno Fast in all its parts: dedication to wood.

It is a NC working centre that processes beams of 620 millimetres in height, 250/300 millimetres in width, the length can be personalized according to customers’ requirements.

Techno Fast has

  • an automatic beam handling system with motorized loading and transport on roller conveyor, two multifunctional clamps and unloading through pneumatic ejector,
  • a working area with 5-axis head, dual output motor and automatic tool changer,
  • a tool magazine with 11 positions,
  • a control console complete with NC and a remote control panel,
  • an Essetre software which displays the part in 3D with its related processing.

Would you like to know more about our presence at the exhibition and the Techno Fast black edition?


Open Days in Essetre for Techno Tour 2023!

This is a special month for Essetre: from 6 to 11 March, in fact, an event took place at the company, featuring the brand, staff (including Essetre North America President Walter Favruzzo) and some customers from our Charlotte branch in North America, professionals from the area, and our machines, which were in function during the first edition of this open house that we named Techno Tour.

The access to the event was limited to a few appointments by our own choice, as we wanted to devote all our time to the visitors, who were around 25 per day and during the week exceeded 100.

Our machines at work, for a demonstration in unison!

We had several machines at work, among which our Multiwall excelled, due to its large size and the work on a wooden housing structure. The other active working centres were:

Techno Fast, fast and versatile NC working centre for beam processing,

Techno Saw, fast and flexible, for milling, drilling and cutting operations on small sections

Techno Multiwall, ideal for processing wooden walls,

Techno PF, working centre in its various evolutions to process beams of different sizes.

Our international guests: Essetre Nord America.

The decision to open a branch in the United States, specifically in Charlotte (North Carolina), was based on the need to have Essetre-branded professionals in the area, where the market is rapidly expanding.

Here in Italy, compared to the US market, we were penalised by geographical distance and the time-zone difference. Our American customers need to know that Essetre is always on call and available for them, so three years later (the branch was opened in August 2020, during the pandemic) we can say that we made the right choice.

And Techno Tour 2023 was the proof.

A special environment close to home to introduce Italy to our guests.

One evening was dedicated to a guided tour and tasting of Italian specialities in the Villa Ca’ Rezzonico in Bassano del Grappa.

The location was chosen because the owner, a friend of the President of the American branch, had been waiting for a long time for us to visit the property. And what better occasion than this?

We then learnt through various stories that historical events connected to the United States actually took place in that Villa.

The owner took us on a wonderful tour of the historic building, telling us about the events and stories that took place in Bassano and in the Villa, which featured various American personalities.

Techno Tour 2023 was a success for our company, and we are ready to organise the next one.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants of the event.

If you want to know more about the company and the working centres, contact us!


Essetre flies to Europe and America for three important exhibitions

Essetre srl will be present again this year at some of the most important international exhibitions dedicated to the world of wood.

For our company, these are not only opportunities to present our machines and our representative Made in Italy brand, but also a great opportunity to get to know partners, suppliers, collaborators and many wood professionals like you.

So, let’s take a look at our stops in North America, France and Germany.

First stop: Portland, at the Mass Timber Conference.

From 27-29 March 2023 we will be in Oregon at the Mass Timber International Conference, where thousands of professionals from all over the world, woodworking experts employed in the forestry, manufacturing, construction and engineering industries, will be present.

If you are attending the Mass Timber Conference, you will find us at booth number 648!

Click here to find out more about Mass Timber Conference!

Second stop: Lille, at the International Forum Bois Construction.

The city of Lille, France, will be hosting the International Forum Bois Construction from 12 to 14 April 2023: an event attended by timber construction professionals, including architects, engineers, researchers, manufacturers and many others.

An important part of the French strategy in recent years to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere is the development of timber construction and the research of innovative solutions also to protect the planet and contrast pollution.

And what better material to choose than wood?

At this event you will find us at stand G26.

For more information on the International Bois Construction Forum, Click here!

Third stop in Hannover for Ligna with our Techno Fast!

From 15 to 19 May 2023 we will be in Germany to attend a worldwide event dedicated to woodworking technology.

On our stand E28, Hall 13, we will also expose our Techno Fast, which will be in operation for different demonstrations.

A quick, compact and versatile NC working centre, the Techno Fast processes beams up to 620 millimetres in height by 250/300 millimetres in width, length configurable according to the customer’s needs.

With more than 1,500 exhibitors presenting their cutting-edge solutions in the sector, Ligna will showcase the future of the industry that depends on woodworking, one of the most popular and widely used materials of the period and the protagonist of many projects for the future.

Click here if you want to learn more about Ligna in Hannover!

We are available to provide you with more information

information about our presence at these exhibitions and about our working centres.



Essetre will be present at XYLEXPO 2022

We are waiting for you! Pad. 22P, stand D18 E19.

From 12 to 15/10/2022



Essetre will be present at BATIMAT 2022

You will find us at: Hall 1, stand M036

From 3 to 6/10/2022



Essetre will be present at BCMC 2022

Visit us at Booth 704

From 12 to 16/09/2022

Columbus, Ohio, USA


Essetre will be present at DACH & HOLZ 2022

You will find us at HALL 7 – Stand 7.224

From 5 to 8/07/2022



Essetre will be present at EUROBOIS 2022

You will find us at Stand 6K164

From 14 to 17/06/2022