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The features a carpentry working centre must have

Woodworking machines are not all the same! Carpentry involves the creation, the shaping and the repair of objects and structures. At Essetre, we strive to provide the many professional carpenters with the most suitable machine for their working goals.

Our woodworking machines suitable for carpentry.

All our NC working centres of the Techno series are designed for carpentries, but we particularly recommend Techno Fast, Techno Saw and Techno PF for their compactness and adaptability.

The most flexible and compact, Techno Fast processes beams up to 620 millimetres in height to 250/300 millimetres in width, and lengths that can be configured according to the customer’s working needs.

Techno Saw  is a NC machining centre used to cut and process framework house elements, trusses, soft and solid wood beams, with a maximum working section of 450 millimetres for a height of 150 millimetres.

We talked about this machine here!

Techno PF 1250 EVO is one of the most revolutionary woodworking machines, patented for beams, X-LAM/CLT walls, roofs and other structures with a width of up to 1300 millimetres.

Carpentry equipment: Essetre’s mobile or fixed portal frame working centres.

The three woodworking machines mentioned above are just part of our proposals: at Essetre, we design and manufacture CNC working centres, with mobile or fixed portal frames ( some are also patented), for CLT or X-LAM panels, beams (also curved), rafters, frame walls, wooden parts for roofs and prefabricated houses, balcony facades, steps, stair risers, playground structures and other elements.

Working with wood is a handicraft activity that has an invaluable history and value, and is in great demand even today. This is why at Essetre, to satisfy the different areas and uses in the carpentry world, we also develop customised working centres to maximise performance, precision and reliability.

The woodworker and his production needs: we listen and observe.

Our work is also dedicated to the handicraftsmen, masters of wood who continue to create unique emotions with this material. Its warmth, its shapes, its softness make wood a material not only with very high quality standards, but also with a soul, which conveys incredible sensations in those who observe it, live with it or use it.

That’s why at Essetre we listen to the needs of carpenters, observe their business and the details of their creations, so that we can develop solutions that are equal to this wonderful craft.

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