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Wood carpentry equipment: what is a beam working centre and which is the best?

NC milling machine, the working centre performs several mechanical operations (milling, drilling, inclined cuts and others) on different areas of the surface of a wooden beam.

The working centres are available in different models and are characterised by multiple axes, as well as an automatic tool change system for the different sizes of the beam sections to be processed.

Let’s take a look at the details and advantages.

What is a 5-axis working centre and why it is useful among carpentry machines?

The 5 axes represent the machine tool’s ability to process the piece of wood on five faces and the two rotary axes (in addition to the three main ones X, Y and Z) simplify the operations from all directions.

Why should a 5-axis working centre be a must among carpentry machines? For excellent optimisation of resources and time!

Why an NC working centre? We explain it here!

Here the advantages of a 5-axis working centre…

  • Workpiece handling times are reduced, making it even in one step*.
  • This reduces production time and costs.
  • The final result is precise.
  • A 5-axis woodworking machine is a flexible solution at the forefront of the market.

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Equipping the machines: the Essetre method.

In the woodworking machines, designed and manufactured in Essetre, the 5-axis milling unit, complete with electrospindles of variable power, can be equipped with automatic tool change magazines with a number of positions that changes according to the customer’s needs. Fully automatic loading and unloading devices to optimise the machine set-up times are also a strong point.

In an Essetre working centre you will find the carpentry equipment you need, together with innovative technology, high-quality materials and an all-Italian experience.   

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