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Are you looking for a woodworking machine?

Among manufacturers of woodworking machines, Essetre srl is a company with a long history in the Vicenza area. Since 1979, we have been designing and manufacturing several customised and special working centres in-house, which are also unique thanks to the several patented technologies resulting from the insights of the owner, Giovanni Sella, but also from the continuous research by our technicians and designers.

macchina per la lavorazione del legno Techno Saw

Techno Saw, compact but with great potential.

This woodworking machine is designed to process trusses, light and solid wood beams, and frame house elements, with a maximum working section of 450 x 150 millimetres.

For this working centre we have provided an additional area to load the machine in order to process workpieces up to 13 metres long.

Flagship of this woodworking machine is also the tool magazine (such as the CNC milling cutter for slots and others), which is rotary with eight positions, managed by a controlled axis and equipped with an automatic protection to keep cones and tools clean.

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5-axis working centres for wood processing: the soul of Essetre.

What also differentiates us among other woodworking machine manufacturers is the quality of our 5-axis NC working centres, which are specific for moulds, curved elements, models with very high Z-axis.

If your workloads are very high, a 5-axis woodworking machine is the best solution to handle them easily and with the guarantee of unaltered quality.

These working centres are the right solution also thanks to the possibility of customising them according to production requirements: the development of the machines is in fact directed by our team of technicians, who adapt each machine to the precise requirements of the customers.

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