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5-Axis Working centre for Wood

5-axis CNC for wood

Specific CNC working centres to carry out all 5-axis processing on parts such as curved elements, moulds, models, with very high Z axis.

Extremely flexible and high-performance CNC working centre for different uses: processing of panels, curved or round elements, in wood, synthetic or metallic material.

CNC working centres for wood

With the Essetre CNC woodworking machines, you can easily manage even high workloads, while maintaining the high quality of all the pieces processed. Through targeted customizations for each installation, each of our machines is designed to be perfectly adapted to the processing needs, allowing to increase the amount of work.

Using our machines you can carry out accurate processing of wood and plastic, also operating in specific sectors
such as automotive, aeronautics and marine.

No downtime thanks to a dual 5-axis milling unit in continuous interpolation. The integrated handling system consisting of CNC clamps for handling and clamping workpieces in the working area allows you to easily handle demanding workloads.

Easily handle of large workpieces, thanks to the large pre-loading area that allows you to handle multiple pieces with widths up to 1300mm. The outfeed system allows easy handling for evacuation and storage in the unloading area through a clamp system.

Woodworking: 3-axis CNC

Using 3-axis or 4-axis CNC machining centres, you can carry out complex processing on a wide variety of wood or plastic parts, even of large dimensions. By means of an automated and computerized system, it is possible to perform complex and precise operations on these materials that are difficult to perform with manual systems.

One of the advantages of these machines is undoubtedly the possibility of creating flat finished products and the possibility of customizing the machine according to the customer’s production requirements. It is possible, for example, to use worktops with crossbars with dual-function suction cups and it is also possible to process panels, curved or round elements, in wood, synthetic or metallic material.

Essetre CNC machines

Our machines are developed by our own internal technical team, allowing us to produce woodworking machinery to suit any job requirement. Our team is able to customize each installation to allow you to adapt the CNC machine to your business. All our 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-axis machines are developed to provide the right answer to the needs of today’s market and are perfectly suited to joinery workshops and the woodworking industry. You can easily process panels and beams always maintaining high performance in any processing. Contact us today to find the best solution for your needs or visit our product page to discover all our solutions.

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