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Techno One: the 5-axis NC working centre for laminated and solid wood

With Techno One you can perform milling, cutting and drilling operations on laminated and solid wood elements. What distinguishes this machine from others? The main feature is in its system: a working centre with fixed portal frame characterised by a milling head with five interpolating axes. But there is more, let’s take a look at some of its other aspects.

What a 5-axis NC working centre needs.

Techno One has a practical and efficient loading system where the beams are automatically positioned one by one in the work area, thanks to special clamps that the operator manages through the numerical control.

These special clamps for handling and clamping workpieces ensure maximum work precision.

The automatic unloading system works through pneumatic pistons that allow each beam to slide on Teflon supports, designed to avoid damage to surfaces.

And the technological aspect could not be omitted, as we at Essetre show off the integrated E-Live software, equipped with a simulation and anti-collision system, which offers 3D visualisation of the workpiece and processing operations live. This software is also highly appreciated because it interfaces with the most widely used Cad Cam programmes designed for wooden structures.

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Drilling wood with precision: the guarantee provided by a working centre.

Not just any woodworking centre: we are talking about a working centre with a specific tool magazine for milling, cutting and drilling wood.

In fact, there’s more! Techno One has two magazines: one with 9 positions installed in the portal frame, on the opposite side the other magazine has two positions for the chain aggregate and other tools.

But let’s get into the specifics of NC drilling. This type of processing is widely used, especially in industry, because an NC working centre such as ours can drill several holes in a short time and without interruption, with the guarantee of maximum precision and processing without any chips.

And let’s not forget the flexibility of an NC working centre, which drills different types of holes (blind holes, through holes and others) and processes panels with different thickness and dimensions.

Our Techno One, for example, processes glulam and solid wood specifically for wooden house components, pergolas, roofs, gazebos, playgrounds and other structures.

We have not focused on the details here,

but our professionals are at your disposal to provide further information.