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5-Axis CNC Milling Machine

CNC wood milling machine

CNC working centres designed specifically to process panels, tops, shelves and different elements obtained from bars.

Fast and flexible CNC working centre for milling, drilling and cutting operations on small sections. With patented milling head with 5 continuous interpolating axis to perform work on all 6 sides of the workpiece.

Simultaneous processing of the two opposite panel sides for tops and shelves. It greatly improves and accelerates any in-line processing.

Processing of wooden beams and panels

Woodworking requires special machines in order to produce high quality finished products. Through Essetre’s machinery, you can mill, shape and cut laminated beams, panels and wooden tops, with extreme simplicity and speed. All our products are designed by our internal technical team, with the aim of meeting the needs of the woodworking industry and for carpentries that need to manage high levels of production maintaining high quality.

Production of furniture bodies, tops, shelves and much more, using a CNC working centre that simultaneously cuts and edges different elements obtained from bars.

The CNC working centre to simultaneously section and edgeband bars longitudinally, reducing working space and without the necessity of operators.

A CNC working centre designed specifically to process furniture doors, with the possibility of managing large working tables and three to five heads with tool change.

Edgebander for wood and more

To apply perfect edges to wooden panels, CNC machines with edge banding are the best solution. It is possible to process both curved and straight profiles. Through the customization of the machines, you can also handle very large workpieces through an automated system of sliding rollers. This kind of solution is very important for workshops and woodworking industries. Through Essetre CNC machines you will have a mechanized system ready in a short time and very easy to use. The piece to be processed moves forward and is processed automatically thanks to the several integrated working systems.

CNC woodworking pantograph

Thanks to the CNC pantograph for wood, all the operations previously carried out by hand are now automatic. This solution reduces all processing times and, with computerized systems, improves the precision of processing, thus increasing the final quality of the product. This solution reduces all processing times and, with computerized systems, improves the precision of processing, thus increasing the final quality of the product. Using the computerized system, you can perform simple and complex processing on many different materials (wood, plastic, etc.) to perform incisions, cuts and reliefs.

CNC for wood

One of the oldest professions is woodworking. Through this art, furniture and objects of common use of the highest quality are made, which increase in value over time. With the introduction of computers, this sector has also undergone major changes, increasing production quantities and maintaining high quality standards. Nowadays it is possible, by means of CNC machines, to process wooden pieces in a very short time, especially when the processing is complex. In Essetre we strongly believe in this sector, for this reason we have a team of specialists dedicated only to the creation of CNC machines and able to customize every single installation, in order to allow our customers to get the most out of each CNC woodworking installation. You can discover all our machines on our dedicated page, just click on the button below.

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