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Curved Pieces - Chairs

Gammatronic 3311 3TG 3Z 2TRP

CNC working centre for cutting, profiling, tenoning, mortising and carving legs and backs of chairs made of solid wood, sofa frames and furniture curved elements.

The machine is equipped with 5 continuously interpolating axes with 3 heads with independent Z-axes whose distance is variable and with 2 rotating beams as work tables on which can be installed vacuum tables.

The double-ended electrospindle, patented by Essetre, with automatic tool-change device, combined with a magazine for 12 HSK spindles allows to carry out a wide range of processings in advantageous times.

Technical Data

Nr. 13 controlled axis: X – Y – 3Z – 2A - 3B – 3CUA
Axis strokes: mm X 3300 – Y 1100 – Z 700 – A 350° - B 450°
Axis displacement speed: X e Y 50 mt/1’; Z 30 mt/1’
Axis rotation speed: A 12 RpM - B 25 RpM